Featured Italian Restaurants In Miami And South Beach

Italian Restaurants
Italian Restaurants

What is your favorite cuisine? What are your favorite foods? If you answered Italian food and started thinking about lasagna, chicken fettuccine, fresh garlic bread, pizza and all kinds of Italian food dishes, then you’re in for a treat. This article features a major city in Florida, Miami and also South Beach, where Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen. That can make it difficult to choose, unless you’re privy to the top restaurants in Miami and South Beach that are serving up Italian cuisine.

The first restaurant featured has a very simple name, and it’s actually the #1 restaurant in all of Miami right now according to one travel site. Those numbers change often, but the good restaurants are always near the top. Crust is its name, and this Miami Italian restaurant is one of the best for sure. The pictures for this restaurant show many of the available entrees, and the pizza looks delicious. For the record, there are well over 3,000 restaurants in Miami and South Beach so to be #1 means something for sure. Some of the other menu items Crust offers include Limoncello Cake, Chicken Parmesan, Trout and so much more.

Then there is a restaurant called Cibo Wine Bar, and this one hails from South Beach. You know how swank South Beach is, and you know there are some great Italian Restaurants there and restaurants in general. Well, Cibo Wine Bar is the best, and it has two locations, one in South Beach and another at a second great vacation spot in Florida. That means you can eat at this great restaurant more often if you like those sunny Florida vacations. The other location for Cibo Wine Bar is in Coral Gables.

They claim their menu is all about rustic Italian flare, and you will for sure find customers saying they love this restaurant. The pictures of the inside of this restaurant are very intriguing, as it’s definitely a different type of place. It looks really cool, neat and like it serves up some delicious and delectable entrees, desserts and more.

Vero Italian Restaurant is the third featured establishment, and it is located in Miami on 1st Street. Do you like Tiramisu? This special dessert is mentioned in the reviews, and so are menu items like black linguine, lamb chops and more. Some reviewers talk about the pizza, and at least once it’s mentioned that Vero Italian Restaurant has the best pizza.

Perricone’s Marketplace & Deli is the fourth top Italian restaurant in Miami and South Beach. One interesting thing about its ranking is a travel site has it listed as the #3 restaurant in all of Miami when it comes to ordering desserts. The last restaurant featured the popular tiramisu, but it makes you wonder what the desserts taste like at Perricone’s Marketplace & Deli. While you can certainly find more great restaurants in Miami and South Beach that serve up delicious Italian cuisine, these four are some of the best and shouldn’t disappoint.