What Are Some Of The Top Italian Restaurants In The US?

Italian Chilles

It is one thing to look up the best restaurants in the city of an entire state, but what about the whole country? Are you a love of Italian cuisine? If so, you are going to love getting to take a look at the top Italian restaurants around the country. What states and cities do you think you will find them in, and just how special are these places going to be? There is only one way to find out.

San Francisco is home to what is considered to currently be the best Italian restaurant in the country. It is called Acquerello, and the restaurant used to be a chapel. It is known for having an intimate and very romantic setting. It is your Italian cuisine fine dining experience with contemporary versions of your favorite Italian dishes. Would you have guessed that the top rated restaurant that serves Italian food was located in San Francisco?

Let’s take a look at another one of the tops rated restaurants that serve Italian cuisine and see how it stacks up against Acquerello. Portofino is in the top 10, and do you want to guess where it is located? It is inside a hotel, and so now you might be thinking New York. What about Las Vegas? Yes, Portofino is located in Las Vegas inside a famous hotel you have surely heard of before, The Mirage. This is Italian food at its finest folks.

Then there is Valentino, which is an Italian restaurant that has been around for quite a long time. Would you like to try and guess what city is home to Valentino? It’s Los Angeles, and how would you like to try pistachio crusted lamb chops? That and all kinds of other fine Italian dishes await you at Valentino.

Boston is also home to one of the best Italian restaurants in the country. The restaurant is La Motta’s Italian Specialties. According to reviews, this Boston establishment is said to be done Bronx style. Additionally, one of its claims to fame is the various types of meatballs it serves.

Now New York gets to make the list. I bet you were wondering when the city was going to show up. There are certainly many restaurants in New York, so what’s one of them that represents the best US restaurants that serve Italian cuisine? Lilia is the restaurant, and the chef is Missy Robbins. She is well known after two big hits at other locations, and now she has one of the best Italian restaurants in New York.

Are you ready for one more top restaurant? Let’s take a quick look at Vetri. Vetri is located in Philadelphia, and again you are not talking about ordinary Italian fare. You are talking about chef’s concoctions that will make your mouth water. Whenever you are visiting one of these cities or any other city for that matter, see if they have one of the best US restaurants that serve up Italian cuisine. Don’t forget to look at www.springgreenartfest.com for more Italian restaurants.