Post Launch Mobile App Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Marketing your app is something that you need to do before and after you launch it. The problem is that there are a number of mistakes you could be making with your post-launch marketing. It is important that you understand what some of these mistakes are and actively take steps to avoid them to ensure that your app is getting the best marketing possible.

Not Focusing On User Retention And Engagement

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that paying for initial downloads is all they need for successful app marketing. This is not the case and you should focus on user engagement and retention more. Focusing on this will give better long-term results and will increase your organic marketing.

Not Measuring Anything Or Measuring Everything

Another mistake that people make is not measuring what they should or spending too much time measuring everything. Your revenue is not the best measure of how well your app is doing because you have no idea which features are actually attracting the users. To have a sustainable app you need to know what your users are looking for and how well your app is providing this.

It is recommended that you measure certain parameters for your app to ensure that your marketing is correct. The most important are your DAU and MAU which is your daily and monthly active users. You should also measure your retention rate 1, 7 and 30-day intervals. This will help you determine how well your app is fitting into your user’s life.

You should also consider measuring your average revenue per user. To calculate this you need to look at your total revenue and divide it by the total active users. The lifetime value should also be calculated which is the value of each app user over the time they spent on your app. To calculate this you should look at the average revenue per user and divide it by the number of users that stopped using your app in a given time.

Not Using The App Update Description Space For Marketing

Research has shown that the average phone user will download 25 apps onto their phone with this number rising to 40 in certain countries. The problem with this comes when all of the apps need to be updated. If all 40 apps need to be updated at the same time the user will generally not update any of the apps.

To ensure that your app is one of the ones that does get updated, you need to use the update description for marketing. This can be a great method of getting a user to start using your app again. You should look at informing the user about the improvements to the app the update offers and highlight any offers that you have.

There are many mistakes that you could be making in you post launch app marketing. It is important that you consider what some of these mistakes are and take the right steps to avoid them.