Programmatic Media Buying – The Future Wave Of Online Advertising

Digital Media

If you are wondering what programmatic media buying is, it is basically a form of online advertising that is smarter and has automated features that advertisers will surely appreciate. But how does it work? Read below to know and visit to expand your knowledge.

Programmatic media buying basically works this way: Whenever you type a keyword on Google or watch a certain type of video on Youtube, the information on what you just typed or the video that you just watched is recorded by a cookie, which then sends it to the website that it originated from. When you visit the cookie’s originating website, you are then presented with advertisements that closely match what you were looking for on Google, or what you were watching on Youtube.

For example, you could be searching for information on the best brands of disposable diapers on Google or watching videos on how to swaddle a baby on Youtube. The information is recorded. If you drop by Facebook, do not be surprised to find advertisements for baby swaddles and diapers. It’s a little freaky technology, and it felt like Facebook could read my mind when programmatic ads started to appear on my timeline. But I have since gotten used to it and I’m actually wondering if I should advertise on Facebook for the catering business that I am about to launch.

But Facebook is not the only place where you can buy programmatic media. Google Adwords actually pioneered the platform. With Google Adwords, your ads will only appear on the keywords that you are bidding.

Being able to deliver your advertising message to the people who surely would be interested in it is one of the strengths of programmatic media buying, and it is the main reason why it is being touted as the advertising platform of the future. However, it is not without its problems. Right now, it is rather difficult to run programmatic ads on mobile devices.

There are basically two types of programmatic ads. The ones that are run by Facebook are called direct ads while the ones handled by Google Adwords and other similar platforms are bid ads.

Aside from rendering problems on mobile devices, there are also problems with fraud, specifically on bid ads. There is no way of knowing whether or not your ad is going to appear before the eyeballs they were intended for. In other words, there are incidents of fraud in the ad networks.

If you want to advertise, what you can do is to play it safe and advertise on either Google Adwords or Facebook and track your results. But of course, the effectiveness of your ads falls in large part to the kind of message you deliver. Yes, the ad networks will deliver the interested eyeballs, but it’s you who will close the sale. That said, make sure that your ad copy professionally-written. There are many websites out there like Freelancer that features freelance copywriters that you can hire on a per-project basis.